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Settling-In Support and Assistance

We understand that when moving to a new location it’s the little things that are important (after all, what are we to do without Wi-Fi?). As part of our full suite of employee relocation services, we are able to provide support and guidance to your employee so that they can focus on their new life, without the administrative burden of setting up utility accounts or trying to locate their nearest doctor's surgery. 

Package include:
  • Neighborhood orientation (public services and facilities, post office, police station, clinics, places of worship, restaurants, etc.)
  • Bank account opening
  • Mandatory health checkup appointments
  • Medical briefings and tour of facilities
  • Mobile phone and 3G contracts
  • Embassy/Consulate registration
  • Household/personal liability insurance
  • Shopping orientation (groceries, furniture, interior decoration, home appliances)
  • Car rental and driver
  • Taxi card membership agreements
  • Driving license conversion
  • Information and advice on hiring household help (cooks, nannies, housekeepers)
  • Club and association memberships
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Language courses
  • Pet care information and facilities
  • Any additional settling-in assistance required to meet individual needs and interests


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