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Find the ideal international school for your child in Ho Chi Minh City with our guide to the city's top ten. We detail admission fees, curriculum, notable features and other useful details to make the process easier...

Many people move to Vietnam without a set idea of where they will settle, where they will educate their children and how they will live. Immigration is always confusing! But in Ho Chi Minh City, where wrong is often right and up can be down, tapping into the local system can seem impossible.

As a group of experienced expats, many of us with families here we’ve been through this whole process. We’ve made our blunders already, we’ve copped the scams, we’ve asked the questions, and accordingly we’ve come up with a series of resources in hopes of making your own assimilation smoother and more pleasant!

If it is schools you are after and an education you want, look no further than our list below. These schools are in no particular order but, being professional and friendly with a range of facilities and opportunities, are all excellent options for your child’s education.

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