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Orientation Overview

When you are still in the pre move orientation phase, knowing more about life in Vietnam helps making the life-changing decision of whether to relocate yes or no. We can set up a Pre-Move Orientation Tour that is altered to the points of interest of our client. For example, we discuss the cost of life in the Vietnam, we show sample houses that fit into the future housing budget, make appointments at schools (if applicable), Once the relocation to Vietnam is decided, Asia Sun Relo can offer you many other services  to make sure the relocation process runs smoothly.



Package includes:

  • Pre-Arrival Consultation
  • Comprehensive questionnaire detailing your specific needs, concerns and areas of interests
  • Overview of the new destination
  • Local City guide and map
  • Free access to our Need to Know guide for expatriate
  • A drive through and overview of the downtown and places of interests, oriented residential areas, shopping venues, medical facilities, schools and other places of interest
  • Sample temporary and/or long-term accommodation
  • Health care and medical facilities
  • Overview of transportation, public and private
  • Safety and security overview
  • General information on recreational and leisure such as: Social Clubs, associations and activities
  • Spouse / Partner information regarding employment, networking availability
  • Local food familiarization with lunch and overview of the local specialty and dinning availability in the destination
  • Cultural discussions around traditional aspects of life



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