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All for our children

One of the biggest issues relocating employees face is the interruption to their children’s education. Differences in language, culture and educational quality are all concerns that can greatly affect a child’s learning. Your employee’s ability to concentrate on their new role can depend on the knowledge that their child is being properly cared for.

Our expert team of education consultants will work with the assignee and their family to find the best solution for their child’s education in the new country. This completely transforms challenges into opportunities for the new child, helping them settle into their new surroundings, and allowing your employee to focus on their new role, comfortable in the knowledge that their children are receiving the support they need in finding a new school.

Our school search services are based on your employee’s child’s needs, not a static plan. We look at current and future education requirements for the child as well as other important considerations, such as disability requirements or special needs.


Program Includes:

  • Accompanied area overview with places of interests: city centre, preferred residential areas, schools, medical facilities, shopping places and places of interest
  • Area and neighborhood information
  • City welcome guide and local map
  • Sample of temporary accommodation/long-term properties
  • Provide information medical and health care facilities
  • Property overview
  • Schooling overview
  • General standard of living and cost of living in Vietnam
  • Provide information on local transportation
  • Provide information on sports, recreational and leisure activities
  • Get familiarization with local foods and list of recommended restaurants in city
  • General information on local culture and harmonization
  • Overview of shopping and local practices



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